Review of The Laughing Apple album by Yusuf/Cat Stevens

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A Cat’s Attic – Review of the 50th Anniversary Tour of Yusuf/Cat Stevens

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Articles about Yusuf/Cat Stevens by Mr. Katopodis

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Articles written by Mr. Harry Katopodis for The Oakland Press

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My article on the school funding crisis a few years ago in The Oakland Press

Book Review: Fatherless Sons


You can feel the emotional pain of several fatherless sons in the book Fatherless Sons by Demetrius Zeigler who was raised in Highland Park. The book is the story of the author Demetrius Zeigler along with the poignant stories from a few other fatherless sons. Zeigler makes the case that many young men in our society are lost with no direction, guidance, or father figure and the results are not good for society.

He uses personal experiences and statistics to help make his point. “Statistics say that, 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. of Health/Census). 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes (National Principals Association Report).” He believes that writing this book was his calling.

Zeigler also gives advice to those that are thinking of leaving the mother of their children or to those that are divorced and that advice is to put their children first. He also believes that more men being role models in society will help cut down on fatherless sons.

He hopes his book will inspire fathers and future fathers to put their sons first and teach them the skills that will prepare them for manhood as well as fatherhood. “If my book changes one person’s life, I will be satisfied,” said Zeigler.

I found the book informative and it gave me a glimpse into the pain of fatherless sons and it also made me think of the importance of a good father. It is beneficial for moms to read as well because it emphasizes that a good father is important in a child’s life. Although it is only 132 pages long, it is a powerful book and worth reading. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other venues.

(Zeigler was a former student of mine and he thanks and quotes me in his book.)

Why does China have the best schools?

Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times wrote about a recent study on education around the world that shows China was at the top of the list followed by other Asian countries. How did the United States do? We came in 15th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math. Is it because they fire bad teachers? They have a socialist system that doesn’t fire people easily although they do move some bad teachers to other jobs such as gym teacher if they don’t improve with more training. The reason they do so well is education has been made a top priority and that explains why they excel in education. We say that getting an education is important but often we don’t make it a priority. The Chinese culture highly respects teachers and high achieving students. You can be sure that the level of parental support and involvement is high.

There is one area that the Chinese admire in American schools and that is creativity. They envy our ability to allow students to be creative.

Kristoff thinks the reason they gave education such a high priority is “Confucian reverence for education that is steeped into the culture.”  Americans are not about to become followers of Confucianism, however we need to create a culture in America that has a reverence, respect, and support for education. Then our scores will improve.